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This anti-FIFA rant has landed United legend in hot water after shocking censorship

Manchester United legend Gary Neville scathingly lay into FIFA and its president Gianni Infantino for their divisive practices in the ongoing Qatar World Cup.

Among other things, the football governing body has been criticised for its choice of Qatar as a World Cup venue amidst the mistreatment of migrant workers.

Infantino, who spoke before the start of the tournament, gave a peculiar speech that left many enraged.

In his comments, Infantino dressed down FIFA’s harshest critics and said those European countries could learn a thing or two from Qatar, a nation that facilitated migrant workers’ entry into the country in an official capacity.

In the shocking statement, Infantino likened the bullying undergone by discriminated groups to the bullying he underwent as a red-haired child with freckles.

Ex-United defender, Neville, took issue with the FIFA president’s rhetoric and said on Qatari-owned beIN Sports, “He’s [Infantino] a terrible face for football. Some of the things he said yesterday were inappropriate and shouldn’t be said by him.

“He should be bringing people together. He’s the global representative of football. He shouldn’t be answering to one or two nations, which is what he seemed to be doing yesterday.”

Neville added, “Some of his language yesterday was an absolute scandal. He shouldn’t be using that kind of language. He shouldn’t be using those phrases.”

Neville went on to compare Infantino to Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, and Sepp Blatter – world leaders who he said use the language of division.

Shockingly, the Twitter rant video that was posted on beIN Sports’ official account was taken down.

This deletion has of course raised eyebrows with many suspecting that Neville’s comments may have been deemed too provocative.

Nevertheless, most supporters of the game will agree that going forward, greater consideration should be paid to some of these glaring issues that have raised a lot of debate.

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