Top Of Texas Football League

The 9on9 Limited Contact Soccer League will run with support from Top of Texas Youth Soccer. Top of Texas is encouraging all their participants to use 9on9 Limited-Contact Football League as their spring practice platform. The TYFL is considered to be one of North Texas most competitive youth soccer leagues, and while wins and records are exciting, one of the most important aspects of TYFL is its emphasis on teamwork, sportsmanship, and developing our youth.    

Top Of Texas Youth Football League
Top Of Texas Football League


Texas Select is the only youth league in the state that plays its league games at AT&T Stadium. Texas Select has also worked with the National Youth Sports Association to provide certifications for Cheer Coaches, as well as for All Volunteers (non-coaches). Unlike other leagues that offer internal coaching certification, the TSYFL has joined forces with USA Soccer to offer coaches an accredited Coaches Certificate, as well as liability coverage.  

Select soccer is designed for ELITE levels of players and coaches, so there are fewer Select teams compared to recreational teams. You either play in the league, or you set up your own program, in both cases, you submit a USA Select NYFL program with your weekly program and scoring. First, in order to volunteer at your local organization, please use the National League Locator to locate your program and contact them to inquire about helping.  

Then you can reach out to that program to get more details like how/when to register, costs, etc. Heres what a dual-conference college football league might look like. While the leagues can keep the current structure, in which players are placed into divisions according to their age and weight, they can also opt instead to enroll players according to their age alone.    

Pop Warner is the only youth soccer program (local, regional, and national) to establish and implement a rigorous Age and Weight Matrix which mitigates injury risk and reality. Flex football national youth soccer leagues give fall tacklers 500+ extra offseason reps to build transferable soccer skills. 

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