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Video: Ray Parlour says England star is better than Benzema ahead of potential Quarter-Final clash – The latest soccer highlights and football news

TalkSPORT got a little bit ahead of themselves this morning talking about the World Cup as they discussed a potential Quater-Final clash between England and France. 

Should everything go to plan on paper, the two nations will meet at the Quater-Finals stage with the winner having a good chance of going on to win the tournament from there.

However, discussing that match this morning, the France front three came into the conversation and that is where Ray Parlour said that an England star is better than the current Ballon d’Or holder, Karin Benzema.

all today football news
Benzema Ballon d’Or 

Ray Parlour says England star is better than Benzema

Speaking about Benzema, the former Arsenal star said on talkSPORT: “Benzema, who has been on fire, Ballon d’Or winner but you got to say Kane is probably better than Benzema.

“It’s a tough one.”

Although Parlour made the statement, he seemed to kind of back away from it in the end as that is a big opinion.

Harry Kane is certainly one of the best strikers in the world and many believe he is the best in the Premier League but to put him above Benzema at present is a big call, even with the French star’s injury issues so far this campaign.

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