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We did it. They did it. He did it.

Twenty-five days and 64 games later, the 2022 World Cup is over, Argentina are the champs, Lionel Messi finally did the only thing that he’d never done, and we all got to watch maybe the single greatest sports game ever played.

These tournaments are usually marathons, but this one — with its condensed nature, in the middle of the European club season — felt like both a marathon and a sprint. At one point, we got 11 straight days with four games a piece. Remember when Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia? Or the US drew with Wales? Me neither.

Anyway, Now that all the games have been played and we have a [checks notes, pulls out a magnifying glass, recoils in horror] one-week break until the Premier League comes back, let’s take a 500-foot view of everything that just happened in Qatar. Here are the 13 stats that explain the 2022 World Cup.

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