blackpink lisa

A talented British artist shows love for BLACKPINK's LISA by creating an incredible portrait using only stones of different colors from the Mekong River in Thailand – allkpop

blackpink lisa

BLACKPINK’s LISA is a muse and inspiration to many artists worldwide. A variety of artworks have been produced to showcase her unique and charming beauty, as well as her lively and kind personality.

blackpink lisa

Now a talented British artist known as Justin Bateman had a wonderful and unique idea on how to show his admiration for LISA.

In particular, the artist made a spectacular portrait of the Thai idol using only stones of different colors from the Mekong River in Thailand, which he arranged according to their shape and size to create incredible effects.

Justin even created a background and frame to make it look like there’s a real painting on the seashore, plus the figure is modeled with light and shadow so it can be seen from afar.

Justin Bateman used his Instagram account to thank the nice comments left by BLINKS.

blackpink lisa

His epic artwork was featured in the news in other countries and enchanted netizens.

Justine Bateman’s talent for recreating various works of art over the years has even made it to Forbes, and Blink is happy to see talented artists finding new ways to show their admiration for Lisa Manobal.


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