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'Apologize to Lisa' trends on Twitter as Blinks call out Spotify for their blunder towards Blackpink rapper – Zoom TV

Blinks rage over Spotifys behavior towards Lisa

Blinks rage over Spotify’s behavior towards Lisa

Blinks are NOT happy and only Spotify is to blame! The streaming platform recently dropped their year-ender lists, and a certain one has led to mass unrest amongst fans. In fact, a blunder on their part has even caused Blackpink and BTS fans to go against each other.


For those of you who may not be aware, Spotify recently tagged Jungkook as the Most Streamed K-Pop Soloist of 2022. Several fans accepted it graciously, considering Jungkook did drop a number of record-shattering projects in 2022. Including the FIFA World Cup song Dreamers!
But, they then backtracked on their own words, this time tagging Lisa as the recipient of the title. The streaming giant apparently did not merge their tags properly, resulting in such a blunder. But, while the news should have been met with utmost fanfare, the rapper was unfortunately harassed online for bagging the coveted title.


Blackpink and more specifically Lisa fans have since taken to Twitter to defend the artist, even blasting Spotify for their mistake.

While one Blink raged, “Your “mistake” caused a woman to be slvt-shamed, bodyshamed, xenophobic comments, all by the fandom you’re celebrating with. You could’ve been fair by acknowledging both parties you’ve wronged!”

Another one penned, “Giving in to cyberbullying encourages this crime to further. As a music platform, you should be firm & confident in explaining music genres instead of redefining K-pop and choosing LISA as a scapegoat!”

Here’s looking at more such comments that have been taking over the internet:

Spotify is yet to comment on the same, and hasn’t even apologized to Lisa leading to Blinks getting even more agitated. What are your thoughts on the entire scenario? Let us know


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