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BLACKPINK Fans Demand Apology From Rolling Stone For Disrespecting Jisoo & Lisa – Hype.MY

Rolling Stone Korea is currently experiencing the wrath of BLACKPINK fans (widely known as BLINKs) all over the world. The publication has been called out for “disrespecting” Jisoo (지수) and Lisa (리사) in their recent article.

In the article, Rolling Stone had apparently attempted to shine the spotlight on Jisoo’s growth as a vocalist for the girl group. That being said, fans were left disappointed at the way they had downplayed the 27-year-old’s talent as a BLACKPINK member.

“Although she does not possess the most outstanding talent in the group as a vocalist or a dancer, her growth is much more apparent,” writer Kim Young Dae wrote in the article. It appears that the magazine had meant to praise the girl group member and wanted to highlight the growth which Jisoo had shown over the years. But instead, they had apparently undermined Jisoo’s overall talent, and proceeded to compare her with the other girls, much to the dismay of many BLINKs.

Not only that, the music journalist has also been criticised for his racist description towards Lisa (real name Lalisa Manoban) in his article. “The unique presence of Lisa, created by her overpowering physical charm and exotic appearance, coupled with her competence as a rapper, highlight her identity as a solo artiste,” the writer described the Thai idol.

blackpink lisa
Source: Twitter

Kim went on and said, “Not only is the flow in her raps in ‘Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du’ and ‘How You Like That’ extremely classy, but her pronunciation in those songs is natural enough to prevent the listener from sensing any kinks from the foreign member of the group. Lisa’s ability as a performer is always special.” Clearly, fans didn’t react too kindly to the written piece shared by the music critic.

As a result, most of them have taken to social media to vent their frustration over the matter. Others have also flooded the comments section to publicly criticise Rolling Stone Korea for their disrespectful statements towards the two BLACKPINK members. Some even demanded the publication to issue an apology as well as to respect the two idols.

Read what they said here:

So far, Rolling Stone Korea has yet to release a statement in addressing the backlash.

Sources: Twitter, Koreaboo, Kpop Starz.

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