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Blackpink Lisa has the trending heeled boots that will be big this winter – VOGUE India

Kpop sensation Blackpink’s Lisa, has just given us a peak of the heeled boots that should not be missing in your fall closet. The Pink Venom singer continues to position herself as a style reference, after her successful appearance at the last MTV VMAs, where she wore an all-black ensemble. Now, the same shade has taken her to another level with a look of minishorts and corset, which she combines with the must-have footwear of the season.

In her recent Instagram post, singer Lisa Manoban made it clear which lace-up boots you need to transition into Fall 2022. This is a design that ranks among the timeless footwear options, which can be worn with mini-dresses, shorts or with pants.

How to wear combat boots with heels like Lisa from Blackpink?

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Within the trends for Fall-Winter 2022 corsets have a well-deserved place. And this particular piece, with a significant historical background has dominated the year, so its presence in the summer season—already on its way out, will only change in textiles and in the combinations with which we will wear them. The Thai singer wears it in a contemporary style, with a single-sleeved crossover top design that she has combined with matching mini shorts.

Lisa’s outfit shows what the most versatile short-legged boots of the season look like. The perfect design for those looking to gain a few extra inches without losing comfort. Brands such as Armani, Saint Laurent and Prada, have professed their predilection for this footwear in their fall 2022 collections.

To complement the ensemble, the Korean pop artist added a new level of glamour to her beauty look. Thus, she shows what the fringed haircut that will be perfect for long manes will look like, which she wears in a jet black shade. A drastic change after having worn blonde hair during the summer.

Last but not least, the makeup that Lisa from Blackpink wears, which is a natural style in peach tones complemented with a cat-eye liner and gold shadows and acrylic nails, square, with rhinestones.

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