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Blackpink's Lisa gives sly wink to a Blink asking her if she drank alcohol at Avrora Awards – watch viral vide – Zoom TV

Blackpinks Lisa winks at a Blink

Blackpink’s Lisa winks at a Blink

When it comes to being one of the suavest K-pop idols out there, Lisa sure does take the cake. Always keeping her fans on their toes, there sure is never a dull day when it comes to Miss Lalisa Manoban. Especially when she gets all playful with Blinks!

For those of you who may not be aware, Lisa recently attended BVLGARI’s Avrora Awards as one of their many A-listers. Looking like a million bucks in her white gown and expensive jewels, it definitely did not take long for her to turn into the ‘main event’ at the venue.

But, a sweet moment between her and a few Blinks after the event is what’s been taking over the internet at the moment! When it comes to matters of alcohol, not a lot of female idols would outright confess that they indulge in it. But of course, Lisa added her own twist to the entire ordeal.

Confused? Well, it so happened that the Blackpink singer was on her way out of the venue when she was surrounded by a few fans. Being her bubbly self, Lisa made sure she greeted all of them with a sweet smile. And this is when things got hilariously playful!

As a Blink got close enough to ask her whether or not she had consumed alcohol at the event, Lisa’s reaction is winning the internet. And the fact that she did not even have to say anything to create such an internet ruckus makes the whole thing even more iconic.

Winking at the Blink, Lisa gave a sly smile before bursting into giggles when the fans started cheering at the response. Haven’t gotten around to checking out her viral moment yet? Here you go:

And this is how you create an impact! What do you think about her playful moment with Blinks? Let us know


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