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Times When Blackpink Lisa Received The Worst Stage Outfits According To Fans – IWMBuzz

Thai rapper, singer, and dancer Lisa Manobal, popularly known by her stage name Lisa, was born on March 27, 1997, in the province of Buriram, Thailand. She is presently a South Korean citizen. She is a part of Blackpink. Although she legally altered Pranpriya Manobal’s first name to Lalisa, Pranpriya Manobal was her given name at birth. She is Thai both in terms of heritage and citizenship. The identities of Lisa’s original parents have not been made public; nevertheless, her stepfather is Marco Bruschweiler, a well-known Swiss chef who lives and works in Thailand.

Before she did a successful audition for the YG Entertainment Competition in 2010 at the age of 13, Lisa was a young member of a dance group called We Zaa Cool that performed shows in her own country. Yang Hyunsuk gave Lisa an opportunity to train with YG Entertainment after she won the aforementioned competition, and Lisa accepted the offer. She relocated to South Korea in 2011 to start her professional training as a performer for her five-year K-pop Idol career. In 2016, she adopted the stage name Lisa and joined the K-pop girl group Blackpink, which made its debut on August 8 as the lead dancer, lead rapper, backing vocalist, and youngest member (known as a maknae in the industry). Lisa is the first artist signed to YG Entertainment who is not Korean.

Although Blackpink is renowned for its incredible sense of fashion, there have been occasions when some members—most notably Lisa—seem to get the short end of the stick. Fans have observed that Lisa consistently chooses the most strange, if not downright ugly, clothing since the girls’ debut. While the other girls in Blackpink were dressed in dazzling, fitting dresses for their debut online concert, Lisa’s attire caused a stir, with some even drawing comparisons to a cabbage. In contrast to the other females, the dress, which was adorned with dubious balls of fluff and matched with black and green boots, seemed out of place.

Another instance occurred in 2018 when Lisa donned an oversized pink outfit with a black belt when the ensemble performed Du-du-du-du on stage. Despite the fact that Lisa can actually pull off anything, this outfit received criticism for being too curvy for her.

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