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Aubrey Plaza Reveals 'Creepiest Sh*t' She's Read Online – UPROXX – Watch Free Movies Online Without Registration

Aubrey Plaza is not only famous, she’s a famous woman, so she’s probably read some truly weird things about herself on the internet. This might explain why she’s not on Twitter. But in a video for GQ, “Aubrey Plaza Replies to Fans on the Internet,” the tWiStEd The White Lotus actress revealed the “creepiest shit” she’s ever read online.

In response to a photo on Instagram where she’s wearing a witch hat, one of her followers wrote, “How many witch hats do you own? I hope it’s a lot,” followed by the smile emoji. “All right, that’s the creepiest sh*t I’ve ever read,” Plaza said. “What do you care how many hats I own?” But if you must know, “I own a lot of them,” she added, “in all different kinds of colors and levels of power.” She’s a perfect fit for Coven of Chaos.

You can watch the video above.

Plaza also recently spoke to Deadline about what it was like filming The White Lotus. “It was incredible. We were shooting in Sicily for four months, living in a luxury hotel and staying in this gorgeous town. You walk outside and look at the ocean from these cliffs. It’s breathtaking,” she said. “You’ve got the backdrop of Mt. Etna volcano that can erupt at any second. Damn, that just kind of infuses the whole scene with this wild energy.”

Will the sexual tension on The White Lotus erupt in the finale? Probably!

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