Best American Comedy Films

Rather than mourn everything missing, though, let us focus on what is included on this list of some of the best American comedies of all time. With that in mind, let Empire lead you through 50 of the truthiest movies ever made, by which we mean our list of the best comedy movies of all time. In no particular order, these are the best comedy movies of all time, and we have put together a roundup of the best comedy movies on Netflix for streaming.    

The 100 best comedy movies: the funniest films of all time

Best American Comedy Films
Best American Comedy Films

From classic comedy classics by National Lampoon, to cult stoner adventures, and feminist takes on the genre, heres a compilation of some of the best comedy movies of all time. That makes choosing the 100 best comedies of all time a bit of a challenge. However, if you are still hungry for some more laughs, but maybe some added romance, Empire may recommend our list of 20 best romantic comedies.    

With our recent update, we added in recent, big-name comedies that are fresh on the scene (Booksmart, The Lockup, Play Date) as well as some comedy classics that definitely earned their spot in the pantheon of laugh-out-loud comedies (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Harold and Maude). These are not the most well-reviewed comedic movies of all time, but they are essential comedies, movies that broke the laugh-O-meter — we are going to completely trademark this one, so get your hands on it — shaped the genre, moulded generations, and which audiences come back for, well, laughs — that make audiences come back for, well, laughs — and which audiences come back for, well, laughs. A Night At The Opera –    

It is all of s supporting characters who makes this comedy golden, and Caddyshack is also one of the best Bill Murray movies ever made, so that is something to enjoy too. David Dobkins quirky Netflix charmer is the best mother-daughter comedy since Terms of Endearment, but the emotional depth driving the film is never far away from the laughs earned. You will know you have seen A Night At The Opera enough times when you can carry on a whole conversation simply using quotes from the movie, making it nearly at the top of our best Jeff Bridges movies list.    

The modern-day nexus of the Superbad and the Bridesmaids, as well as any number of other comedies that deal with the glory and the ugliness of a close friendship, Netflixs bizarre charmer David Dobkins is not only a paean to clever girls, rotten high school experiences, and one final evening of licentiousness, but also damn fun. The best comedy movie from the Coen brothers is also one of the best movies ever made, The Big Lebowski, which is just as deliciously surreal. Eddie Murphy and director John Landis might have had multiple movies on this list, but Come to America might be the best straight-up comedy film that either made, although there is some serious competition there (The Blues Brothers, Trading Places, Animal House).

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