Best Comedy Movies Must Watch

In no particular order, here are the best comedic movies of all time, and we have pulled together the best comedic movies to stream on Netflix. From classic comedy classics by National Lampoon, to cult stoner adventures, and feminist takes on the genre, heres a compilation of some of the best comedy movies of all time. There are tons of comedies, but they cannot all qualify as classics. 

37 Best Comedy Movies of All Time That Keep Us Laughing

Best Comedy Movies Must Watch
Best Comedy Movies Must Watch

Some selections on this list are definitely straight-up comedies. Heres a list of 25 comedic movies that you must see at least once in your lifetime, some are some of the silliest movies of all time, others in their own ways could be hugely thought-provoking and turned into some of the classics of all-time on the silver screen, and others that you might have never heard of, but really need to check out. This list represents the best cross-section of the best comedy on the screen of this millennium, a collection running the gamut from droll to blistering.  

A Night At The Opera. It is all of s supporting characters who makes this comedy golden, and Caddyshack is also one of the best Bill Murray movies ever made, so that is something to enjoy too.   

Owen Wilson and David Duchovny have some wonderful moments in this film, and the stomping off scene is comedy gold. From memorable scene to memorable sequence, the film refuses to pull back, with each laugh piled on top of the last until it hits the perfect comic crescendo.   

You will know you have seen A Night At The Opera long enough when you can carry on a whole conversation simply using quotes from the movie, making it nearly at the top of our best Jeff Bridges movies list. 

Not only did Netflixs original comedy Dolemite Is My Name deliver the best performance by Eddie Murphy in years, but it is also a hugely funny movie that is all about artistic expression. Bad Trip was long in the making, and although it is received strong reviews, it is still a bit underrated. The best comedy movie from the Coen brothers is also one of the best movies ever made, The Big Lebowski, which is delusionally surreal.    

Eddie Murphy and director John Landis might have had multiple movies on this list, but Come to America might be the best straight-up comedy film that either made, although there is some serious competition there (The Blues Brothers, Trading Places, Animal House). Rated as one of the funniest films ever made by experts both in Britain and America, the Monty Python gang is sure to keep you entertained if you like comedic troupes. 

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