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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Used A 'Blue Wall' To Create A Sense Of Unease Around Namor [Exclusive] – Watch Free Movies Online Without Registration

/Film’s Ben Pearson talked with Chris White, Weta’s VFX supervisor on “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” about how he and his team used the idea of a “blue wall” when creating Talokan. The phrase is a diving term and essentially means, in White’s words, “that there’s so much, what we call ‘turbidity,’ or so much stuff in the water that things just kind of appear out of nowhere, and it’s slightly claustrophobic.” 

The visual concept of a blue wall would prove exciting to the visual effects team, who were also able to tie it into Namor’s story. “I think the old woman says it before they go down, ‘Be careful. He lures people into the deep,'” White recalled.

More than that, however, the ambiguous nature of Namor’s character in “Wakanda Forever” would complement the vast, murky water that surrounds him in Talokan, mainly when Shuri first visits there:

“There’s always this idea that Namor … you’re unsure about him. So that was brought into the whole sequence, that they can’t see very far, they don’t have much visibility, [Shuri’s] in this deep environment. Even down to the designs in his throne room, there’s these eels that are always in the background, kind of moving around, and that’s just to give you the sense that you’re just unsure about this guy.”


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