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Cast Camaraderie Made The Menu's Set A 'Beautiful' Place For Anya Taylor-Joy – Watch Free Movies Online Without Registration

In a report from Entertainment Weekly, Anya Taylor-Joy says that everyone working on “The Menu” got along swimmingly. Even when the cameras weren’t rolling, the cast would opt to hang around the Hawthorne set rather than go back to their trailers. The energy was so good that they were all excited to see one another doing their thing when the camera came around to them:

“Mark liked to do this thing where the camera was constantly moving around us, so we were constantly improvising, or if it was a close-up on someone else, we just had front-row seats to brilliant performances from wonderful people. So it was a very supportive environment — we would clap after takes, and the WhatsApp group is highly alive and well.”

With all of the reports that come out about sets where conflict runs the show, it’s great to know a movie as fun as this one had a pretty great shoot. The fact they’re all so kind is really funny considering these characters could truly care less about one another, let alone form a WhatsApp group chat together. I guess that’s the miracle of acting.

“The Menu” is now playing in theaters nationwide.


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