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Does The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special Have A Post-Credits Scene? – Watch Free Movies Online Without Registration

In the scene, Rocket (voice of Bradley Cooper) and very good girl Cosmo the Spacedog (voice of Maria Bakalova) are decorating a Christmas tree. Where do they find a tree in space? Oh right! They have one! A young adult Groot (voice of Vin Diesel) is being covered in lights, garland, and a giant candy cane, with a light-up snowman on his arm/branch. Of course, Groot is still a little grumpy and shakes it all off onto the floor. Rocket says, “Oh, come on, Groot!” Cosmo (look at her fuzzy wuzzy face) says, “Groot ruined Christmas again.” And then there’s the kicker. Rocket adds, “Now we gotta have another special!” 

Ooh, that could easily be a throwaway line, but what if it’s not? James Gunn is definitely moving over to lead DC’s film, television, and animation division with producer Peter Safran now. Does that mean there’s room in his contract for another Marvel one-off? Could we see these characters in a Marvel Christmas special from a different director? What if … hear me out … we had Cosmo find the MCU’s other very good pupper Lucky the Pizza Dog, and take him to space for a Christmas holiday? Sorry, sorry. A few candy canes and my brain gets all Christmas-y. 

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special” is currently streaming on Disney+.


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