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How Should The Sandman Season 2 Adapt One Of The Comic's Trickiest Storylines? – Watch Free Movies Online Without Registration

“Season of Mists,” the fourth volume of the series, starts off with Dream realizing he may have been wrong to send his girlfriend to hell for 20,000 years just because she broke up with him. He decides to journey into hell to rescue her, knowing full well that he might not come back from the journey in one piece. There’s a lot of build-up to Lucifer having some big plan for revenge against Dream, but in the end, all he really wants is a break. Lucifer gives up his role as the ruler of Hell, closes the place down, and leaves to wander about and have fun in the mortal world. (Yes, it turns out that was an option this whole time.) 

The rest of “Season of Mists” deals with Dream rescuing Nada, and he and all the other mythical beings also try to figure out how to handle the whole Hell situation. There’s also a wonderful side story in the middle, where a young boarding school student is trapped over the holidays in a school filled with old spirits escaped from Hell. 

The fifth volume, “A Game of You,” centers around Barbie, a minor character in “A Doll’s House” who TV viewers will remember from season 1. Before Rose’s dream vortex took away Barbie’s ability to dream, she used to dream of a magical fantasyland, one where the characters inside kept living even when she was awake. In her absence, the world has been taken over by an evil creature from the dream realm called the Cuckoo. With some help from her friends and neighbors (one of whom turns out to be a witch), Barbie returns to the fantasyland in her dream to end the Cuckoo’s reign once and for all.


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