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James Gunn Calls Superman “Huge Priority,” Debunks Speculation About His Feelings Toward Henry Cavill – Hollywood Reporter – Watch Free Movies Online Without Registration

James Gunn is taking a fond look back at a classic cinematic take on Superman while simultaneously helping to map out the storied superhero’s path.

The new co-chair and co-CEO of DC Studios took to Twitter on Saturday to commemorate the 44th anniversary of Richard Donner’s Superman. The seminal comic book film, which hit theaters Dec. 10, 1978, went on to earn three Oscar nominations and marked Christopher Reeve’s star-making turn in the title role.

Superman premiered 44 years ago today,” Gunn tweeted, adding heart and star emojis. Gunn also shared the film’s original poster, featuring the tagline, “You’ll believe a man can fly.”

Given the flurry of questions from fans about next steps for DC movies following The Hollywood Reporter’s recent story addressing the studio’s future, Gunn’s post led Twitter users to ask about plans for the character. When one fan asked what Gunn was trying to say with the post, the filmmaker replied, “I’m trying to say it’s the 44th anniversary of the premiere of Superman which is a great movie.”

When asked whether Superman would be coming back to the big screen, Gunn responded, “Yes of course. Superman is a huge priority, if not the biggest priority.”

He also replied to a tweet asking about Green Lantern content by writing, “Important.” He then made it clear that Ryan Reynolds hasn’t planned to return as the character, and when a Twitter user said that Reynolds was intending to reprise the role for filmmaker Zack Snyder, Gunn added, “He wasn’t.”

Gunn also responded on a different Twitter thread to a fan who tweeted that Gunn does not like Henry Cavill. The actor returned as Superman in a midcredits cameo during this fall’s Black Adam after an absence from the role since Snyder’s 2017 film Justice League. When asked to comment on that claim about his feelings toward Cavill, Gunn wrote, “Sure: false.”

This led the fan who posted the initial claim to add that he has heard from multiple people that Gunn doesn’t like Cavill, to which the filmmaker fired back, “So weird. You seemed so plugged in! Anyway, I just had forty people reach out to me to say you just got kicked out of your Mom’s basement. So sorry, man.”

During an onstage interview that took place in October shortly after the release of Black Adam, Cavill said he looked forward to playing an “enormously joyful” Superman in the future and that he was “very excited” about Gunn’s hiring.

THR’s story about DC Studios, published Wednesday, reported that Patty Jenkins’ version of Wonder Woman 3 had been scuttled and raised the possibility that Cavill could be done as the Man of Steel.

Gunn responded to the story Thursday by tweeting that many decisions still needed to be made: “Although this first month at DC has been fruitful, building the next ten years of story takes time & we’re still just beginning.” He and partner Peter Safran are set to meet with Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav in the coming week to present their vision for the studio.

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