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James Gunn has brutal response to claim he doesn’t like Henry Cavill – The Independent – Watch Free Movies Online Without Registration

James Gunn has shut down rumours that he does not like Henry Cavill.

The newly appointed co-chair and co-CEO of DC Studios was asked numerous questions by fans on Twitter about the future of DC movies.

On a different Twitter thread, Gunn, 56, also responded to a fan who tweeted that the filmmaker does not like Cavill.

The Witcher star made a surprise return as Superman in a mid-credits cameo during Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam earlier this year. It was his first appearance in the role since Zack Snyder’s 2017 film Justice League.

When asked by another fan to comment on Gunn’s alleged ill feelings towards Cavill, the director replied: “Sure: false.”

The fan who posted the original claim responded: “Even more ppl have reached out to me since you said this to tell me you really don’t like him. Just saying what I heard.”

Gunn responded: “So weird. You seemed so plugged in! Anyway, I just had forty people reach out to me to say you just got kicked out of your mom’s basement. So sorry, man.”

Also on Twitter, Gunn said that Superman’s return to the big screen was a “huge priority, if not the biggest priority”.

In October, Cavill said that he is “very excited” about Gunn’s new role at DC Studios and said that he looks forward to playing an “enormously joyful” Superman in the future.

On the future of Green Lantern, Gunn responded to a tweet by writing: “Important.”

He made it clear, however, that Ryan Reynolds – who portrayed the character in the hugely derided 2011 film – had no plans to reprise the role.

Movie News

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When a Twitter user claimed that Reynolds was intending to reprise the part for Zack Snyder instead, Gunn said: “He wasn’t.”

Earlier this week, Gunn tweeted that many decisions about the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) still needed to be made.

“Although this first month at DC has been fruitful, building the next ten years of story takes time & we’re still just beginning,” he wrote.

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