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John Carpenter Thinks Nicolas Cage Is “The Bravest Actor I’ve Ever Known” – Watch Free Movies Online Without Registration

On paper, you might not find much in common between Nicolas Cage and John Carpenter. Both are Hollywood legends, but one is known for his eccentric performances on screen while the other is known for his quiet demeanor and influential work behind the camera. But as they’ve gotten further along in their lives and careers, both now have an undeniable IDGAF energy that makes them two of the most interesting and refreshing people in the industry. And apparently, both have the utmost respect and love for each other’s work.

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In an incredible interview with Document, John Carpenter and Nicolas Cage discuss their careers and approach to their work. Sure, there’s plenty of going back and forth about how much they love the work of the other, but when it’s Carpenter and Cage, you have to expect that, right? But perhaps the biggest compliment given in the entire interview is when John Carpenter raves about Cage’s fearlessness on screen with how he approaches each character.

“I think you’re the most… How can I put this? The bravest actor I’ve ever known,” said Carpenter. “You try things, you don’t stop.”

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He added, “It is unbelievable. A new movie with a new idea and a new character, and here he is again. He’s going out there one more time. I mean, you love living on the edge of this performance stuff. Putting it out there. I just stay in my box. I enjoy myself here.”

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Obviously, Nicolas Cage has plenty of awards, including one Oscar win, but to hear that sort of love from one of the best American directors of all time has to feel good. John Carpenter is the guy who might have the best decade run of any filmmaker, with features such as “Halloween,” “Escape from New York,” “The Thing,” “Big Trouble in Little China,” and “They Live,” among others. So, for him to compliment Cage, an actor he’s never worked with before, is high praise indeed. 

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