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Tim Allen is bothered that no one ever talked about the dead Santa Claus from the first movie.

By James Brizuela
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tim allen the santa clause
Tim Allen Still Bothered By A Major Plot Hole In The Santa Clause - Giant Freakin Robot

Plot holes are an unfortunate part of a lot of movies and shows. Sometimes fans are quick to point them out, but it can be the actors that are bothered by the works they are cast in that have plot holes as well. Tim Allen stated how bothered he was at the plot holes in The Santa Clause, as he stated, “I never understood, even in the movie, why the elves, when I showed up at the North Pole didn’t go, ‘Hey what happened to the other guy?’ You know, I just hop in the sleigh with the kid and we go off.”

Tim Allen also adds that Mrs. Claus was never informed that her husband is dead, who is presumably the original Santa Claus. Allen also revealed some of the plot points of The Santa Clauses which are set to fill in some of those plot holes, especially now that he has a family of his own in the sequel series. We would assume that Santa Claus can be just about anybody if the story is set to follow the idea that the jolly man is more of an entity than an actual person.

Tim Allen is returning in The Santa Clauses with the idea that he is finally going to be putting the red hat to rest. Allen’s Scott Calvin is much older in the new sequel series, and he is set to retire from the role of Santa Claus and must now find a suitable replacement. Given the previously mentioned theory that anyone can become Santa Claus, maybe the original person who died can come back and save the day, or we might be seeing the introduction of another Christmas spirit-less person being filled with holiday joy enough to become Claus.

tim allen
Tim Allen Still Bothered By A Major Plot Hole In The Santa Clause - Giant Freakin Robot

Tim Allen isn’t the only actor from The Santa Clauses returning for this new sequel series. David Krumholtz will also be reprising his role as Bernard the Elf as well, much to the joy of everyone who has been a fan of the franchise. Another idea about who could be the next Santa Claus could be painting right at Bernard, who has worked long enough as the “head” elf to give him a shot to step into the sleigh.

Either way, Tim Allen is returning to one of his best roles in The Santa Clauses, and the movies were always ones to make us all believe in the magic of Christmas again. There has not been a movie in the franchise since 2006 when The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause was released. While the movie had mixed reviews, it still made $110 million in worldwide box office numbers against a budget of $12 million.

We are not entirely sure how the new series is going to work, but Tim Allen has always been great as Scott Calvin in the franchise, and now he has a new series to finally say goodbye to one of his most iconic roles. The Santa Clauses debuted with two episodes on November 16th on Disney+, with the third released yesterday the 23rd. The limited series will be six episodes long and officially end on December 14th, just in time for Christmas, and to say goodbye to Allen as the jolly gift giver.

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