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Why Annabelle Wallis Wanted To Be A Part Of Peaky Blinders – Watch Free Movies Online Without Registration

In an interview with the BBC, Wallis shared why she wanted to be a part of “Peaky Blinders,” crediting its story about a crime family as the reason. Steven Knight’s solid script immediately made her fall in love with the show, and there was no turning back. Plus: this was a show about gangsters … and well, everyone loves a good gangster drama.

Here’s what Wallis had to say during the interview:

“The whole idea of it being about this crime family and the romantic ideas of crime like in gangster films and Westerns and all that kind of came to play after reading the script and – it intrigued me. Everyone’s so feisty and strong and so different and so complex. I just fell in love with it straight away.”


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